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By its chemical composition and properties SIMAX glass ranks among the types of glass of the group of clear „hard“ borosilicate glass, which excel in a high heat and chemical resistance. SIMAX glass is very much environmentally and eco friendly.


Owing to its properties SIMAX glass is utilized there, where the highest demands are made on the products with regard to the heat and chemical resistance and neutrality in relation to substances, which may be in contact with them.


Products made of SIMAX glass mass are smooth and imporous, perfectly transparent, indifferent to catalysts, corrosion resistant even in a heavy duty operation of up to 300 degrees Celsius without a sudden temperature variation.

Discover Incredible Story About Our Company

Starlingfactory represents handmade Bohemia glass which stands for sign of quality and exceptional craftsmanship.
Bulbus is a new approach of offering joyful experience during overlooked yet very important moments of our everyday life. Combining industrial design with functional principles to pleas our needs and senses is a way to suspend us for a while just to enjoy and rejuvenate.

About the designer

My name is Jakub Spacek and  I am an enthusiastic Industrial Designer focused in glass design with hands-on experience in range of skills that include traditional arts like architecture, concept art, drawing and also more contemporary arts like motion design.
I came from Prague the heart of Europe in Czech Republic where glass craftsmanship reached it’s highest peek of perfection and remains exquisite for the rest of the world.

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